intent & philosophy

salia jac is a brand that looks forward.

to a better planet, where natural resources are treasured - not wasted

   to a better future for the industry, where materials are sourced ethically and production empowers local communities – not destroys them.

  to a better customer. one that takes ownership and responsibility for the systems they support. one that understands that change begins with our choices.


salia jac embeds this belief into every detail and decision we make – in our clothing, our supply chain and our distribution network.

put simply, we believe in design with intention.



a note from the



I would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this and for taking a stand for change in the fashion industry.

I have always enjoyed fashion. as a little girl growing up I had always insisted on dressing myself, quite often in some very questionable ways. it was in my mid twenties that I found myself living in norway working as a stylist. it was there I learnt the art of minimalism.

as time went on, I continued to surround myself with things that inspired me, and I found within myself a deep connection with mother nature.

it was clear to me at this point that I wanted to do more than styling, so I returned to australia to study fashion design in hope of extending my skill set. 

it was at this point in my life a bright light was shone on the complete exploitation of both human and animal rights. I began to educate myself on the state of the current fashion industry and the impact it was having on the planet and all of us living within it. I didn't know at the time, but this information would become the very reason why I would go on to create salia jac. 

salia jac was born out of hope, responsibility and compassion. it’s a label founded upon a philosophy that loves and cares for everything and everyone on our planet.

a label designed by me, for you, the individual - proving that we can make a world of difference. 

as the journey continues, I thank you for being part of our family.